Big Sky Drive-In Theatre
Big Sky
Drive In Theatre
Wisconsin Dells, WI
Q: What's showing at Big Sky next week/2 or 3 weeks from now? Will you be showing (my favorite movie) at Big Sky this summer?

A: Because of the number of new movies coming out and the high demand for the big hits, the Big Sky management doesn't find out for sure what will be available until the Monday or Tuesday before the weekend when the movies change. We DO get the top releases on their earliest release dates, so you will be able to see the box office hits at Big Sky the same day that they're in the big indoor theaters. As soon as we know what movies will be available, they will be listed on the website. If there is no poster on the Coming Soon page the next week's listings are not available yet.

Q: How do I listen to the sound from the movie?

A: The soundtrack for the movies at Big Sky Drive-In is broadcast over FM stations, a separate frequency for each screen. You may use your car's FM radio, bring your own portable radio, or rent a portable radio from the concession stand.

Q: How can we visit Big Sky if we're driving an RV that's too big to fit under the entrance canopy?

A: You may come to Big Sky in your RV. Enter the ticket area on the left side, away from the canopy, and stop at the ticket office there. Someone will come collect the admission, then you may enter the theater. You should park in one of the last rows on the side you choose so your vehicle doesn't obstruct the view of other patrons. Those are the only special requirements we have for RVs at Big Sky.

Q: What time do the movies start?

A: The movies start at dusk, when it's dark enough out for them to be seen well enough. Dusk changes from day to day because of the time of year, and also with the cloud cover each day.

Q: Am I allowed to bring my own food and drink with me?

A: It is not encouraged as our menu is reasonably priced.

Q: Am I allowed to bring my pet(s) along?

A: As long as you keep any pets completely under your control, you may bring them along to the theatre. You are responsible for any damage or injuries they may cause.

Q: Why can't I watch the first movie on one side, then switch to the second movie on the other side?

A: It is not permitted by the film companies that engage films to this establishment, if you wish to switch screens you may purchase another ticket or you will be asked to leave the premises.

Q: How much does it cost for admission to Big Sky?

A: Adult admission is $10, children under 11 are $5, babies under 2 are free.

Q: In what order are the movies shown?

A: The movies are shown in the order they are listed on the Big Sky website and posters distributed throughout the Wisconsin Dells area businesses.

Q: What if the weather is bad? Will we get refunds?

A: Generally the movie will play rain or shine. If bad weather is imminent, patrons will be alerted. NO REFUNDS!

Q: Do you take credit/debit cards?


Q: Where can I get a map/directions to Big Sky?

A: Big Sky is here (map opens in new window).

Q: When is Big Sky open?

A: Weekends in May through mid June. Then nightly until the last week of August. Back to weekends through September. Please call 1-608-254-8025 for dates and movies.

Q: How can we buy tickets in advance?

A: We are currently not selling advance or online tickets due to our cash only policy.

Q: Can I just come for the second movie?

A: Yes, you may come just for the second movie. The price is the same, and the start time for the second movie depends on the run time of the first one (information available on and start time of the first movie (depends on dusk, which can vary with cloud cover).

Big Sky Drive-In Theatre
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